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The Moldovan way

I was pleasantly surprised by the small town in which I was placed for the first 2 months of service. My location in one of the high-end villages called Cricova. Cricova is known for its wine and champagne aptly named Cricova.

One of the entrances to Crivova winery less than a mile from my casa.

Cricova winery is known as the second largest wine cellar in Moldova, after the world’s largest Milestii Mici. Cricova uses 75 miles of old limestone quarried tunnels that are said to have existed since the 15th century.

My angelic romanian teacher spotlighted by the sun displaying the huge grid of underground cellars

Back in the soviet days, the Cricova region was the designated land for vineyards for all of the USSR due to the rich soil.  I’ve been told by Moldovans that when the economy was better, the winery employed over double the workforce it employs today. Despite the changes, the vibrant rolling countryside is quilted with perfectly sowed plots of grapevines.


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