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The Moldovan way

The first day in Moldova was wrought with emotions heightened by a lack of sleep and extensive traveling. Letting go of how heavily I covet my time with my family, no matter how much I recognize that it’s necessary and required to become a better person for them, was extremely difficult.

With much needed sleep and the first day of Romanian language class under my belt, I still felt anxiety until my host mother’s niece, her two best friends, and their kids came over.  Their significant others grilled pork over a live fire, and we sat around a table for 3 hours and shared laughs despite the fact that I had no clue what they were saying with the exception of sporadic explanations from one of the husbands who studied english “when he has time.”

Olga's Birthday

Maxim already flirting with the girls at 2.

I haven’t met a person here who doesn’t speak Romanian, Russian and at least a little of another language– usually English or Italian. It’s extremely impressive and is reflective of the overwhelming intelligence and education of the people I’ve encountered.


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