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Mimic motion

The Moldovan way

My host mother’s house complete with renovations sits back on her land with the vibrant large garden welcoming visitors in the forefront.

Here are the details on my house.

It is an older house, but according to locals, people tend to put their money into renovations rather than saving money.  We do not have a stove or running water in the kitchen, but we do have a small new bathroom with running water. I am expecting a much less luxurious house at my permanent site.

Our house - casa

My room

condiments etc

The microwave/convection oven over the thing that heats the walls

kitchen - hotplate

best bathroom in cricova so far

kitchen table and door to the new nice patio

Mama gazda

Our garden

Entrance to our beci - underground cellar

canned ....something

homemade pickles!

Piles of wood and rubble are a standard site

Neighbor's well in front of our house

Random cow in the field down the street

Neighbor's chicks

there are roses everywhere here --- standard precast concrete fence in background



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